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Action Framework

Development Framework


provides an illustrated narrative to explain the important ideas and concepts regarding the geographic distribution and formal patterns of future growth supported by the Common Vision and the Action Framework.
It is composed of two parts:


helped to build an in-depth understanding of how different forces interact in shaping the future growth and development of the county. It provides a substantive basis for the growth patterns and strategies expressed in the Thematic Plan.


focuses on a broad vision for growth in the county. The primary means of communicating the development patterns and physical place attributes supported by this plan is a combination of narrative description and diagrammatic mapping.



As hypothetical stories about the future, four distinct scenarios emerged to help illustrate how different configurations of future growth might influence some of the goals and aspirations articulated in the Common Vision.


These future scenarios included:

Business As Usual

Let’s keep our policies “as is.” The future direction should reflect past trends.

City Centers Rise

The City of Frederick is a major urban and cultural center. Let’s maximize the growth potential in and around the City to create an even stronger place for walkable, urban living and working while retaining our historic sense of place.

Suburban Place-Making

Many of our residents love suburban living. Let’s make our suburban communities even stronger by reinvesting in them with infill development that creates more opportunities to walk, shop, work, and recreate closer to home.

Multi-modal Places and Corridors

Our county has existing rail service that connects us to the greater Baltimore Washington Region. Let’s leverage this asset and create more multimodal corridors to help catalyze the redevelopment of aging retail and office, and create new mixed use places in the southern part of the county.



The Thematic Plan is a logical mix of the best ideas taken from each of the strategies explored during the scenario planning process. The Thematic Plan represents a vision for the entire county and endeavors to keep focus on strategy rather than
tactics to help avoid the tendency of citizens, elected officials, and development professionals to immediately focus on specific land use or zoning map issues.


The overarching strategy of the plan is to achieve a more multi-modal pattern of growth, while leveraging the existing
pipeline of conventional suburban development. Therefore, the plan focuses on opportunities to enhance existing places and create new places that are less auto-dependent, and more walkable, bikable, and transit supportive.



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