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is a new approach
to comprehensive planning in
Frederick County

Livable Frederick Comprehensive Planning is organized such that the Livable Frederick Master Plan serves as a core, vision-based, policy-focused document, with a collection of other interrelated plans (such as community and corridor plans, functional plans, and large area plans) that all stem from and support this central core document.

Click the lf logo to the left, the title above, or the link below to access a pdf version of the LFMP. NOTE: The final version of the LFMP will be posted shortly. However, the currently available version, accessed by the links here, contains all content as approved by the County Council.

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Click here to see a web-based synopsis of the plan.

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Community and Corridor Plans

Community and Corridor planning is a primary tool for the implementation of the Livable Frederick Master Plan. Conceived as a way to study small geographic areas, neighborhoods, villages, and corridors in the county, and develop detailed plans for their evolution and growth, the Community and Corridor Planning Process will be thorough, inclusive, flexible, and based firmly upon the notion that the ultimate goal of any great plan is to create – or protect – a place. 


To accomplish the vision of LFMP, the county will commit to an on-going effort to develop Community and Corridor Plans for our future growth areas, our commercial and mixed-use corridors, our existing villages, and our critical natural resource areas.

Large Area Plans

Another tool for the implementation of the LFMP is a "Large Area Planning" process. This planning process will address issues that encompass broad geographic areas within the county.  To accomplish the goals of LFMP, the County will commit to an on-going effort to develop Large Area Plans for specific regions within the county identified by natural resources, geographic features, and/or cultural resources.

Functional Plans

Plans that focus on specific planning functions, such as agriculture or green infrastructure, will also serve as tools for implementation of LFMP. These plans will address issues that extend county-wide.  To accomplish the goals of LFMP, the county will commit to an on-going effort to develop functional plans for specific topics within the county.

Maryland has a long history of state-level planning, dating back to the 1920’s with the establishment of a State Planning Commission and the adoption of Article 66B. This provided guiding legislation for local governments in Maryland that implemented planning and zoning.  Since the 1990’s the State has taken a proactive role in implementing smart growth principles.

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September 03, 2019

County Council Votes to Adopt the Livable Frederick Master Plan

After a second public hearing on September 3, 2019, the Frederick County Council voted to adopt the Livable Frederick Master.

August 05, 2019

County Council Releases Public Hearing Livable Frederick Master Plan for Review

The County Council Public Hearing will occur on August 20 at 7pm in the First Floor Hearing Room of Winchester Hall at 12 East Church Street, Frederick MD 21701.

May 08, 2019

FCPC Votes to Recommend Plan

The Frederick County Planning Commission voted to recommend the Livable Frederick Master Plan to the County Council. The plan will now proceed to the County Council for review and final adoption.

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Some of the documents listed below are not solely the responsibility of the Frederick County Department of Planning. Related planning documents conducted by various public and private agencies are included. This list is not all-inclusive. Click here to view this as a single page. 

The Educational Facilities Master Plan is prepared on an annual basis and serves as a tool to evaluate current facilities, future needs, and project priorities. This plan has a 10-year outlook for the identification of future needs. The plan is used as a basis for the Board of Education’s (BOE) annual submission for the County's Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

Last updated in 2001, the Master Transportation Plan provides a countywide focus on transportation needs and supports a multi-modal approach in addressing the mobility needs of the County. The plan compiles goals & policies from individual transportation plans, reports, and studies.

The Transportation Priorities Review is conducted annually to address the State primary and secondary highway project priorities as well as review other transportation needs and priorities.  A focus of the priorities is to highlight the multi-modal components of the County's transportation network and to identify specific priorities for the state primary and secondary highways for the Maryland Department of Transportation's preparation of the next year's draft Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP).

Transit Development Plan

This plan, completed in 2015, serves as a guide for public transportation improvements for the short-range future. As an update to the 2007 Frederick County Transportation Development Plan, this current plan is intended to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of TransIT Services of Frederick County (TransIT). Includes the history and current state of the transit system, the identification of transportation needs and issues, and recommended improvements over the five-year period.


The Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) requires the Locally Operated Transit Systems (LOTS) in Maryland to conduct a plan update every five years. The LOTS use their local plans as a basis for preparing their Annual Transportation Plans that serve as their Annual Grant Applications for transit funding.

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Click the link below to access the comment and discussion forum for Livable Frederick.

The Livable Frederick Master Plan is a vision-based approach to planning. Click on the video above to hear more about this innovative plan.